Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation

New Dancer Program


I. Description:

A yearly program by the PSRDF offering an incentive for successfully graduating new dancers and retaining them in the square dance community. This Program will be reviewed annually for amendments and approved by a funding allocation, each year, determined by the members.

Delegates at the bi-annual meeting held in April. A maximum of 2 requests in a given fiscal year may be applied for by an eligible applicant.

II. Purpose:

Provide a cash incentive to member Clubs that graduate new dancers and retain them in the square dance community.

III. Eligibility Requirements:

1. Regional Associations/Federations and local Clubs who are members in good standing of the PSRDF. Local Clubs have 100% of their membership federated with PSRDF. Note: Refer to

Articles IV, V, & VI of the PSRDF Constitution and Bylaws, adopted April 6, 2003 for membership requirements. The PSRDF Constitution and Bylaws can be reviewed at the website

2. A “New Dancer” is defined as a first - time class member that completes the required instruction successfully through graduation.

IV. Review Committee:

The PSRDF New Dancer Committee manages this Program which will consist of three Executive Board members, appointed by the President. The 1st Vice Presidents will act as the Chairmen of the Committee.

V. Terms:

Clubs are awarded cash payments for following number of new dancers that have attended at least one of their club’s dances a year after graduation: $120 for 3, $160 for 4, $200 for 5, $250 for 10.

VI. Process for Applying:

1. Complete the PSRDF New Dancer Program Application Form. The application form and Guidelines instructions are available on line. or contact the PSRDF Presidents for copies.

2. Forward the completed application to the Presidents of the PSRDF. Electronic mailing is encouraged.

3. The PSRDF Membership Director verifies that the applicants are members of PSRDF.

4. Approved applicant requests will be forwarded to the PSRDF Treasurer for the amount authorized for payment.

5. Applicants that are not approved will receive a letter specifying the reasons for denial.

VII. Required Reports:

The names, address of the new dancers that graduated, date graduation was fulfilled, Dancers must become PSRDF members through their local club the year after they graduate. Dancers graduating in 2016 and joining in 2017 or later are eligible. Signatures of the club President or Caller of Caller run clubs, and the Caller Instructor as requested on application form.

Approved at April and October 2017 meetings.


PSRDF New Dancer Program Application Form

To be used by PSRDF clubs when requesting funds from Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation.

(See GUIDELINES - PSRDF Square & Round Dance New Dancer Program).

Date of Request: _____________

From (Club): ____________________________

Location: ____________________________

Date of Graduation: _____________

List the name and address of each New Dancer. If more space is needed, attach a separate sheet.

Name Address Joined PSRDF

1. ______________________ __________________________ ________

2. ______________________ __________________________ _______

3. ______________________ __________________________ _______

4. ______________________ __________________________ _______

5. ______________________ __________________________ _______

6. ______________________ __________________________ _______

7. ______________________ __________________________ _______

8. ______________________ __________________________ _______

9. ______________________ __________________________ _______

10 ______________________ __________________________ _______

Club President or Caller (Caller run):

_______________________ Phone # ______________ E-mail Address ____________________

President Name

_______________________ Phone # _______________ E-mail Address ____________________

Name Caller/Instructor

If Approved, make check payable to: __________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________

E-mail (or mail) the completed application to the Presidents of the PSRDF. Electronic mailing is encouraged.

__________________________________ for Official Use Only __________________________________

Committee Recommendations: Approve: ________ Disapprove: ________ Date: _________

Chairman Signature ___________________ Paid: ________