Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation

Square Dance Links

Square dance web pages or face book links for clubs in the Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation

Busy B's  Brooklawn, NJ
Country Twirlers    Selinsgrove, PA
Do-Pas-O    Millersville, PA
Flirts & Skirts  Harrisburg, PA
Gad-Abouts   Hagerstown, MD
Happy Go Lucky   West Mifflin, PA
Panhandlers   Charles Town, WV
Perky Promenaders   Harleysville, PA
Shippen Squares   Shippenburg, PA
Swing Thrus, Lancaster, PA
Two By Fours  Newark, Delaware 

Square Dance Web pages for organizations surrounding the Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation

Rochester NY Area Square Dance Federation
Northern New Jersey Square Dance Association
Maryland Square Dancing
Akron Square and Round Dance Federation 

          Square Dance Organizations or reference sites
              United Square Dancers of America (USDA)  -  Lots of good information
                Wheres The  Find a dance when you go travelling
                National Square Dance Campers Association
                Canadian Square and Round Dance Society
                Florida's Square Dance Web Site
                 Taminations:  A visual "Step-by-Step" dance moves website
              Sets In Order Magazines Archive - An index to historic Sets In Order Magazines
              Square Dance History Project -  Lots of videos and music to bring back memories
                 You2candance - A site showcasing Modern Western Square, Round, and Contra dancing for prospective dancers

Callers and Cuers
    CCNJ - Callers Council of New Jersey
    South Central Pennsylvania Callers and Cuers Association

Upcoming Major Dances

73rd  National Square Dance Convention  - Milwaukee, June 26 - June 29, 2024

      23rd Canadian National Square & Round Dance Festival - Calgary,  Alberta, July 17-20, 2024