Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation


Every square dance organization needs General Liability and Accident Medical Expense coverage while conducting and sponsoring dance activities. As closely as safety rules are followed, accidents can and will happen.  One of the benefits of belonging to the Pennsylvania Square and Round Dance Federation is that insurance can be obtained at a group rate.  


Membership and Insurance are usually tied together since all club members pay dues to PSRDF, their district, and their club along with an insurance payment.  Most clubs in the PSRDF use United Square Dancers of America (USDA) as their insurance agent.  All the information about the USDA insurance program (including all required forms) is explained on the USDA web site insurance pages at .  

Each fall each member will pay club dues if any, the district dues if any, the PSRDF dues ($2 in 2023), and the USDA insurance amount which is set each October.  The membership list and the District dues, and PSRDF dues, and the insurance payment will be sent to the District membership chairperson.  The District membership chairperson will take out the district dues if any, and enter the insurance information at the USDA insurance portal and pay the USDA  insurance payment to the USDA insurer.  The District membership chairperson will also forward the membership list and the PSRDF dues to the PSRDF Membership chairperson.  If there is no district insurance chairperson, individual clubs can enter their information using the USDA portal.

When new members join a club their information and dues are sent in the same manner.  If a club member is a member of multiple clubs they should pick one club where they pay their dues and  insurance fee and notify the other clubs the name of the club where they paid their fee.  This way they will only have to pay district, PSRDF, and their insurance payment once assuming the multiple clubs all use USDA insurance. 

Note:  Club presidents should be familiar with the USDA insurance program procedures so they can arrange for insurance for students in their classes, and insurance when they dance at different venues.  


Membership/Insurance Contacts 2023

PSRDF Membership and Insurance Chairperson     - Barbara MacDonald        -  724-776-2029
Del Val Membership and Insurance Chairperson    - Sharon Trimble               -
Susquehanna Insurance                                                 - Dee Kern 
Susquehanna Membership                                     - Norm Diefenderfer
Laurel Mountain Insurance                                           -  Larry Crone                     -                   
WPSRDF Membership and Insurance Chairperson  - Barbara MacDonald     -  724-776-2029