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AVSRDF Meeting, Sunday, September 11, 2016

President Lou Stiles called the meeting to order at 2:08 pm with 11 members in attendance. Pat L read the minutes of the March 2016 meeting. Nels made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections and Tom seconded it. The motion passed. Ruth read the treasurer’s report (attached). Dick made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report (attached) and Olivia seconded it. The motion passed.

Club Reports
ABC Dancers – Pat said we have our September dance, the 47th Annual Federation Dance on Friday, September 16, 2016 from 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm at the First United Methodist Church in Greenville PA. Tom Mohney, Corben Geis, will call the squares and Nathan Parrot is the cuer on rounds. The Winter Dance is on Saturday, Dec 31, 2016 from 9:00 pm – 12:15 am at the Methodist Church with Tom Mohney calling.
Castle Paws and Taws – Mary Ruth said that their Fun Night was Wednesday September 7, 2016. Lessons with Lisa Minton with some students before the dances. They dance at Cascade Park until November and then they will dance at the First Methodist Church on Decker Drive in New Castle, PA. (They are not dancing at the Vo-Tech.)
The Corporation picnic meeting is to be held on Sunday Sep 18, 2016 when decisions will be made for the dances and club in 2017.

Circle 8 – Olivia said that the club is closing due to poor attendance. They have 4-5 more dances in 2016 and will be closing after that. Olivia asked for the procedures to close a club.

Fiddle-A-Rounds – Tom said that the square dance club met on Thursday, July 14 at the Monroe Community Building in Knox, PA for their Annual Summer Picnic. There were 8 members in attendance. On Thursday, Dec 8, 2016 the club is planning another “Christmas on the River” event at the Alleghany Grill in Foxburg PA. After dinner, we are hoping to have enough members present to dance to our favorite holiday singing calls. Dinner is at 6:00 pm and dancing will begin at 8:00 pm.

Shenango Valley Sashayers – Ann said that they are averaging 2 ¾ squares at the dances with some sitting out. Their next dance is Sep 24. On Friday, Oct 26 the dance will be held in another room of the Methodist Church due to a church function. Lessons begin on fun night, Mon Sep 12, 2016. 8 people are needed to continue. Neil Harnar will be the instructor. Information was in the newspaper. The Friday Sep 9th dance had 4 squares with Denny Steiner. The picnic was at John and Diana Frazier’s house with 30 in attendance.
Nels and Ann mentioned about their trip to Des Moines IA National Convention in June.

CALLERLAB- (ATTACHMENT) Tom read about the passing of callers: Tim Marriner, John Kaltenhaler, Stan Burdick and Rodney Spencer. Marshall Flippo received the Lifetime Achievement Award for being a caller.
The 44th CallLab Convention will be held in Mesa AZ on April 10-12, 2017. The theme is “Build the Base Now!” Ideas to build a new base of dancers for the future of square dancing will be explored.
The 66th Convention will be held in Cincinnati OH on June 21-24, 2017. Sustainable square dancing and flash mob square dancing were explained and discussed.

Ruth said that the letters will be sent out about the liability insurance for 2017. The number of those continuing dancing will be determined and the money will be taken from the Federation Treasury. We decided that the newsletters and directories for 2017 will be made by Ruth and Tom. Nels asked about the minimum number that could be printed. We went over the cost of copies, shipping, postage, etc.

PA State Convention – Ruth said the meeting is Sunday, Oct 2, 2016 with the place to be announced. There will be no PA State Dance in 2017. They are looking for a central place possibly for a 1 day dance. Travel and Hotels will be considered. There will be no National Callers in the future. There are 5 Federations with the usually 3 in attendance with officers. 30 people were at the last meeting. National Conventions are listed on inside Front cover of this book.

Old Business – The 47th AVSRDF Dance is Friday Sep 16, 2016 from 8-10:30 pm with Tom Mohney and Corbin Geis calling Squares and Nathan Parrot cuing rounds. It will be hosted by the ABC Dance Club at the First Methodist Church in Greenville PA.
PA State Membership and Dues are due to Joe Nardi or Ruth Stiles by Dec 31, 2016.
Revision of the AVSRDF Constitution and By-Laws – Tom noted the changes that were needed. Mary Ruth asked questions about 2 of the By-Laws. They were approved on Sep 11, 2016. Tom will type the final copy. Nels made a motion and Dick seconded it. The motion was approved.
Mary Ruth made a motion to have the current officers reinstated. (Officers are not nominated.) President Lou Stiles, Vice President Tom Mohney, Treasurer Ruth Stiles, Secretary Pat Loutzenhiser. Nels seconded it and the motion passed . New Business -
Rich made a motion for the Federation to pay Tom $25.00 for the use of his home for the meeting and expenses. Ann seconded it and the motion passed.

Adjournment was made at 3:40 pm. The Next meeting will be Sunday March 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm at Tom’s House.

Respectfully submitted

Patricia Loutzenhiser, Secretary