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September 11, 2011

President- Al and Jessie Pezzuto
Vice President- Lou and Ruth Stiles
Secretary- Pat Loutzenhiser
Treasurer- Frank and Barb Schreiber
10 Members were in attendance.
The meeting was called to order at 2:03pm by President Al Pezzuto at the Summit Township Building. Money for tickets were turned into Lou Stiles for the Federation dance.
In absence of the Secretary, Al Pezzuto read the minutes of the March 13th meeting. Minutes were approved by Rich Rawson and seconded by Jessie Pezzuto.
Treasurer's report was given by Ruth Stiles. (see attached sheets). Balance as of August 31, 2011 was $5,500.60. Approved by Rich Rawson and seconded by Tom Mohney.

The books were audited by Jim Weigle. Report attached. Sept report of delegates meeting was read by Ruth Stiles. Bills from John Simchick were read. Motion by John Seepe, seconded by Rich Rawson to accept.

Federation Dance- Lou Stiles announced tickets for Federation dance were due today. If not turned in may be turned in at dance. Information and directions to dance location are on Google. Delegates are to remind their members to bring cookies or finger foods to the dance. Al Pezzuto announced if you've made baskets or have door prizes or items for the Chinese auction (limit of $15) to bring them with you. Tom Mohney asked about dancers coming from Ohio. Comment was made that they have a conflicting dance.

Old Business- Tom Mohney reported there were 30-35 callers present at the State dance. Also 9 cuers. About 450 dancers. He hopes for a better contract for next year. There are 86 callers available in PA. Questionnaires will be sent out this fall for scheduling for 2012. Suggested casual dress for early bird and early evening dances. More information will be out on Google.

New Business- Ruth Stiles is negotiating on a 3 year contract on club insurance and will send the information out when available. Caller lab report by Tom Mohney is attached. He also gave detailed fire insurance information on callers, etc. Tom Mohney has a new e-mail (""). There was no one for a Round-o-Lab report. Al Pezzuto announced that he and Jessie will be moving to North Carolina and have their home up for sale.

There was a break at 2:30 and the meeting resumed at 2:50pm.

Club Reps-
Belles and Beaus- no report
Castle Paws and Taws-no report
Chatauqua- no report
Circle 8- No dancing since April. Now dancing 5-8 squares.
Fiddle-A-Rounds- Dancing only on 4th Tuesday except in Nov. & Dec.
Presque Isle- We are in our fall schedule with Tom Roper calling this Tuesday. Average 2-3 squares at dances. Good support for the PID breakfast at PI.
Shenango Valley Sashayers- This past year have 5-8 squares. Round dances this summer held once a month with 9-10 couples dancing.

It was announced that the next State meeting of the Executive Comm. will be Oct. 2, 2011. at 1:00pm in Harrisburg. Encourage all to attend for voting power. Next year the 2012 Federation dance may not be held. There are only 5 clubs in PA plus Chatauqua in N.Y. operating. Shenango Valley club is responsible for this years dance. Motion was made by Rich Rawson we not plan a dance for 2012. Seconded by John Seepe. A discussion followed on use of the newsletter and directory by clubs, cost etc. Ruth Stiles mentioned need to have minutes and other changes available. Tom Mohney suggested doing it electronically instead of printed page. It was suggested it all be combined in one publication. All present voted to discontinue newsletter. Roth Stiles said with over $5,000 in the treasury we don't really need to hold a Federation dance. Changes could be done by a yearly update by web master. Motion made to go to yearly publication with all information combined into one. All voted for the motion. All information will need to be sent to John Simchick by end of November. If not known state TBA. Suggest we give our directory to anyone in club that requests one.

The nomination of officers was held
President-Lou Stiles
Vice President- Tom Mohney
Secretary- Pat Loutzenhiser
Treasurer- Ruth Stiles

Vote was unanimous to elect all above. Motion to adjourn was given by John Seepe and seconded by Jessie Pezzuto.
Next meeting will be Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 2:00pm. Location TBA

Respectfully Submitted,
Roberta Seepe,
Sec'y -Pro-Temp