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AVSRDF Delegate Meeting Minutes- March 11, 2012

10 members present

President- Lou Stiles
Vice President-Tom Mohney
Secretary- Pat Loutzenhiser
Treasurer- Ruth Stiles

  The meeting was called to order at 2:03 pm by President Lou Stiles at the Waterford Town Hall Building.  The minutes of the September 11, 2011 meeting were read and approved by Richard Loutzenhiser and seconded by John Sechriest.  Treasurer’s reportwas given by Ruth Stiles. There is a
balance of $4,327.81 as of February, 2012.

Club reports were given.
Castle Paws and Taws- There is a small amount of dancers with 1-2 squares.  Hopefully, things will be better when the snowbirds return.  Special dance flyers were passed out for May and June. There is one lady and one couple as students.
Circle Eights-  There are no students for 2012. There is a possibility of one couple for fall of 2012.
The dances are on the second and fourth Saturdays with 2-3 squares.
Fiddle a Rounds-  The club is now dancing two times a year because they are small in numbers. There will be a summer event probably in August, and a Christmas event in December of 2012.
Presque Isle-  They are holding their own.  They need new dancers.  They dance every other Tuesday in January and February and then every Tuesday after that.  They have 1-2 sets.  Tom Roper  will call on a Thursday in June of 2012.
Shenango Valley Sashayers-  The club has had good turn outs because of the round dancing in the summer.  They are averaging five squares a dance.  The new dancers will graduate Monday, March 26, 2012.  They are ready!  There are seven dancers with some taking lessons at Sharon and Brookfield.
About eight members go on banner raids to other clubs.

Round a lab- There will be a round dance on Sunday, May 20, 2012.  It is from 2-5 pm at Cascade Park in New Castle, PA.

There will not be a Federation dance in 2012.

  The AVSRDF report by John Simchick is now combined including the newsletter and the directory.
Deadline for the information is November 20, 2012. John Simchick is the Webmaster.  The Google List from Al Pezzuto was questioned.   Information from Pittsburgh can be received from Barb McDonald and Tony and Diana Rock. Eric Anderson is the membership chairman. He has new Excel files.

Ruth Stiles reported that there was a $228 profit from the Allegheny Federation Dance in September.
Fifty dollars was paid to the Salvation Army and $400 was paid to raffle winners

The  Pennsylvania State Convention will be held August 10, 11, 12, 2012 in Pittsburgh.  The hotel has been changed to Double Tree, 101 Radisson Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15205.  New flyers were reprinted because of the new name at the cost of the hotel.  The 20th PA State Convention is August 9, 10, 11, 2013 at the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel, Camp Hill, PA.  Bids are open for 2015.  Contact Donna and Baird Ernst for tour information.  Some tours are closed.  There is a different code for the square Dance room rates.

Some suggestions:

Cities: State College, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Camp Hill, Johnstown, Erie,  and Philadelphia.
Places: Churches, cultural events, museums, sight seeing tours, sporting events and zoos.
Programs: Community Dance for anyone who never danced, Handicapable Dance and a Dangle Dance.

Anyone interested in nominating someone on the website needs to respond by March 15, 2012.  The Keystone Award is done secretively to honor someone who has contributed much to square dancing.

There are ten categories to be considered.  They can be dancers, cuers, callers, belonging to the State and Local Federations or an Officer. They should attend the Federation and National Conventions.
It should not be an executive board member. There will  be a Recognition Plaque Award given at the State Convention. The winner does not need to be present. The Stiles’ reported the State Meeting will be held on April 15, 2012. Others were encouraged to attend in able to vote. The decision will be by June 1, 2012. The committee will meet to obtain information on the dance program for the August convention.
Tom Mohney said that a letter was sent out to callers and cuers  encouraging them to register for the convention.  Another letter was sent out again in February to those who didn’t respond. The deadline is March 15, 2012. Howard Williamson and Tom Mohney will meet in April or May, 2012 for the schedule.
The caller and cuer breakfast will consist of Brad Diebert from Greensburg, PA speaking  on his knowledge of technical speakers and digital music with mobile backup. Other devices  can be backed up with Smart Phones. The Program Workshop will consist of Mainstream, Plus, DBD, Advanced, and Challenge in the Star Tips at the beginning of the hour with other activities. The good program consist of a Dangle Dance, Handicapable Dance and a Community Dance for people who have never danced.

The break was from 2:42 and the meeting resumed at 2:50 pm.
The Callerlab program is set up to promote square dancing. A Buffalo New York college has been given a donation of $250. People are traveling from West Virginia to Ohio and will research stories to participate in the dancing tradition. (Note donation guidelines.)
Manny Amor of New Jersey died. He was a square dance caller and a cartoonist. He contributed to a square dancing magazine.
National Round a lab convention-Washington- June 27-30, 2012
National Square Dance- Spokane,  Washington- June, 2012
Nashville- April 1-4, 2012
Oklahoma- 2013
Little Rock, Arkansas- 2014
Mass. – 2015
Participation at conventions are down which enables other areas to host the event.
Ruth Stiles said that the new insurance is the same amount. Clubs will not be billed. There was a motion made to pay the $601.00 for the four clubs in the Federation. That would be $2.35 a member.
John and Olive Seichrest asked for some discussion. It is a good policy. The clubs are covered. The motion passed.

Life memberships were discussed. When people are deceased they are taken off the list. Clubs are to keep track. Vanity license plates are issued through PennDot.
A motion was passed to pay for a quarter page advertisement for $20.00 taken out in the booklet for the convention. Mary Ruth McCall made the motion and Dick McCall seconded it. The motion passed.
Requests for baskets for the PA State Convention in August was made. Each club can come up with a theme. Baskets can be taken or sent to the dance. They will be accepted by that Friday evening before 7:00  pm.
Tom Mohney told us how successful  the PA Farm Show was. They had 58 squares. Pamphlets were passed out to contact Lou and Ruth Stiles if they were interested in dancing. Two DVDs were made and a television station filmed the performance. Next year the dancers will rehearse in Harrisburg and will plan for January, 2013. They need to select the music.
A motion was made and passed to ask for a donation for the Sr. Center in Waterford, PA for the use of the building today. Lou Stiles made the motion and Rich Loutzenhiser seconded. The motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm. Dick McCall made the motion and Olive Seichrest seconded.
The motion carried.

The next meeting is Sunday, September 9, 2012.

Respectfully submitted.

Patricia Loutzenhiser, Secretary