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Sunday, Mar 8, 2015- Allegheny Valley Square and Round Dance Federation

The meeting was called to order by president Lou Stiles at 2:20 pm at Tom Money’s house in Oil City, PA. There were 9 members in attendance. The minutes of the Sept. 7, 2015 meeting were read and approved. A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by John Seichrist and seconded by Dick McCall.

Ruthie Stiles gave the treasurer’s report. WE have a balance of $ 1503.10. A motion to accept the report as submitted was made by Tom Mohney and seconded by Dick McCall Motion was approved.

Club Reports”

ABC Dancers – We had a good New Year’s dance with a nice attendance. Our next dance is Sunday March 22, 2015 with Rodney Spencer and Amy Rheil. We dance on Sunday, June 21st and Sept. 27th from 2-4pm. Tom Mohney will call our 2015 New Year’s with Nathan Parrot on the rounds.

Castle Paws and Taws: Mary Ruth McCall stated that the club has 2-3 sets. IN April they go back to every week. In May they will be dancing at Cascade Park.

Fiddle A Rounds: Tom Mohney said they had a Christmas Dance with 10 people. They meet in July for a Picnic. They are at the Community Center two times a year.

Circle 8: The poor weather was a problem for their dances with two or three Squares. The new Member is Dancing. There are No Rounds.

Sashayers: Most Dances consists of 1-2 Squares. The one student that graduated in the fall usually comes to the dances. Drew Loutzenhiser is hosting workshops on Mondays before the 2nd and 4th Friday Dances.

Round A Lab: Nathan Parrot sent no reports

A dance at Brookfield, Ohio will be held by the Cloverleaf Squares to Benefit Rodney on Sunday March 15, 2015. There will be many callers and donations will be accepted.

Callerlab: See flyer – Tom Mohney said that research has been completed for a new Logo and Slogan. It is “Live Lively – Square Dance”. Contact Jerry Reid. The Foundation is good with Donations going to Scholarships, Grants, seminars, Youth callers, etc. The new Website is for communication. The basic emphasis call is Left Touch a Quarter. The mainstream call is Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave. The 42nd callerlab convention is March 30=April 1, 2015. The 64th National Square Dance Convention is in Springfield, MA June 24-27, 2015. They will explore the use of technology such as twitter and Facebook

Ruthie Stiles said the Liability Policy is covered for 3 years. Rates are up because of fewer people dancing. Newsletters and Directories are OK

The 55th Ohio State Convention will be held in Aurora, Ohio on May 1-3, 2015. Pat has flyers. Pat also showed the Square and Round Dance schedules for 2015 bade by Amy Rhiel.

Old Business: Ruthie Stiles sent in the {PA State Membership list for 2015.

New Business:

Mary Ruth McCall stated that the AVSRDF board members need to be updated. Past delegates, Officers, and immediate past officers that have ever served are included. Conditions are that they need to be active members. Mary Ruth asked if we need an executive board. Ruthie Stiles said we cannot take it out of the by-laws. Rich Loutzenhiser said to leave the words the way they are and update the list. A motion was made and voted on and it carried.

Ruthie Stiles said the USDA (flyer included) has a group exemption program for Non-profit with application procedures and requirements. Tom Mohney said it is an advantage for larger clubs.

Ruthie said the State meeting is April 12, 2015 in Harrisburg and all are welcome to attend. A flyer from Ken Ritucci entitles “I have a (Square Dance) Dream” was included in each club’s packet.

Rich Loutzenhiser made a motion to set the $25.00 fee for use of Tom’s house, so not to make the motion at every meeting. Treasurer Ruthie Stiles suggested the motion be made each time because it involves paying of fees. Motion dropped.

Money for a ¼ page ad in the State Convention program book was brought up. Tom made a motion, seconded by Olivia Seichrist to purchase a ¼ page ad in the PA Convention book. Motion approved.

John Seichrist brought up a try for a federation Dance this year. It possibly could be held at Circle 8 or Kalyumet Campground. Fall would be good for a 2½ -3 hour dance possibly with rounds for an $8.00 couple admission. John is the committee and will check on a Sunday in Sept 2015. The delegates went over the Names of the current callers and cuers.

Next meeting will be Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015 at 2pm at Tom Mohney’s house. Mary Ruth McCall made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Dick McCall. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.

Respectfully submitted

Patricia Loutzenhiser, Secretary