Next PSRDF Delegate meeting

PSRDF will hold its next semiannual meeting in April 2019. The date and place will be anounced later  

Review the previous minutes before the next meeting click HERE for the minutes.

The PSRDF objective is to promote square dancing in Pennsylvania. 

Some advantages of being a member of PSRDF include:

This Web Site serves as an aide in finding Square Dance Clubs, Federations and Square Dancers in Pennsylvania.

 Composite flooring rental at a reduced rate for affiliated clubs is available.

 Incentive program for new dancers  (back in effect as of Oct 2017) (Caller/Cuer program | Promotional Fund Program remain suspended).

 Access to an Insurance Program through USDA.

 Pennsylvania state license plate program.

 Possible State Festival Dance in the summer of 2018


Flooring rental worksheet, click HERE.

New Dancer program guidelines and application form:
For the PDF version of the form, click HERE
For the Microsoft Word version of the form, click HERE

Open the version of the form you want and save it to your PCs Hard Drive.

 A.       Voting Delegates:  Each regional organization is entitled to twelve (12) voting delegates. No more than two delegates can be of the caller, cuer, prompter, or related arts discipline.  Each non-affiliated club is entitled to have two (2) voting delegates.  Neither delegate can be of the caller, cuer, prompter, or related arts discipline.  If more than 12 individuals come from any given Federation/Association, the remaining individuals may participate in discussion and sharing of ideas but not have voting privileges.
B.       Nomination of Officers:  If you are interested in a leadership role please notify Bob Lawn & Martha Thompson by email (, one of the Federation/Association presidents, or Tony & Diana Rock by email ( ) Chairmen of the past presidents committee).  Please provide us with your name, position you are interested in being nominated for, and contact information.  For more information on the PSRDF Officers’ duties, please see the PSRDF Constitution and Bylaws on our website:

Dues Reminder to all affiliate organization officers:  Remember that PSRDF dues remain at $2 per year and $20 for lifetime membership

Dancer Survey on the Convention

The Keystone Award information, requirements, and nomination requirements

Membership form

PA Square Dance License Plate information | State Outfit

PSRDF Constitution and Bylaws

If you are interested in learning to square dance in Pennsylvania, click on the map and pick a club in or near your area and send an email to your nearest club requesting information on "Learning to Square Dance"

PSRDF District Members:

Central PA SRDA: | Delaware Valley SRDF:

Laurel Mountain SRDF: | Susquehanna Valley SRDA: | Western PA SRDF

Other Federation Conventions and Special Dances

Future Pennsylvania State and National Square and Round Dance Conventions

67th  National Square Dance Convention, June 27 - 30, 2018, Kansas City MO

68th National Square Dance Convention® in Marietta, Georgia June 26-29, 2019

69th National Square Dance Convention In Spokane WA June 17-20, 2020